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Today I decided write to the white house in order to change the world. If you visit the white house website, you can see that you have only 2,500 characters to communicate your idea to the most powerfull and influential institution in the world. So I simply though “Let´s do it”. This is what I wrote:

I have a dream that haunts me. I was travelling around the world during the last year knowing interesting and amazing overcoming histories and working with team working models to solve problems. Any kind of  them. I have to confess that after all I live, beyond my experience, I am only a 30 years young. I´m just a person living as I were alive. Like the President. Deeply, intensely loving my loved ones and trying others to love me. But now only one question bothers me. During this travel, we only work with post-its, these small slips were the only resource we had in most of the places. And we came up with amazing ideas for change!! So my question was: Can we solve the problems of the world only with post-its?

I really think so. Because most problems you have in the international sand are related with people and teams. All of us we are only human beings and we understand the other problems knowing that we are only people, be President of the United States or a factory worker in Delhi. My dream, the dream that I am able to lead, is to build a community of facilitators not to solve the problems but to help local teams to solve each problem by themselves. The only thing I need to make my dream come true is one day with President Obama. My idea is to explain all the experience later with a sentence like this: “Ok, ok, I know it´s only the President of the United States, but imagine it was the most powerful person in the world to change the world every day. Imagine it was you.”

It´s only one day in the life of one man to pose a simple idea that can improve the all world. I know I’m a dreamer, but all we have was dreamed by others before us. I have no money for the trip, i´m just warning 😉 Thank you

That was all. Maybe a bottle in the middle of the electoral ocean. But I did it. I needed it.


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