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Wonderland. Casa 3. Un lugar que habité y en cuyas paredes hablaba de la lluvia


I write from my redoubt of world I call home. I’ve had an interesting week preparing one of the key months for the initiative since its inception. I was born 30 years ago in similar circumstances. It was all to do and a world of uncertainty gave birth to the first lines of my trip. I guess I cried looking for a clear answer. Neither then nor now has never existed. Some of the things I now see on my desk are speaking of myself.

As a kid I always felt the desire to change things. It was hard to accept my reality so It was much more difficult to settle it. Most of the time I felt like a preacher. I shared some stories that others listened. With 15 years I remember that I loved talking quietly with my friends, listening to their problems and offering some humble help. Although my actions were misunderstood, for me it was impossible to think that any problem couldn´t be paired with a creative solution. Any problem. My current situation is also very similar. I´m not talking about friends, family or people close to me but of an entire society. I´m not talking about misunderstood by a person but by an entire education system with closed and assumed prejudices that push us down. And also now I think I have nothing to lose, everything to me is possible and there is only hope ahead.

The stomach of the world thrives on small things. Always somehow -I can not explain it- I knowed this. I invested all my efforts and all my mistakes in enjoying every tiny moment of my life. I have often felt alone, exhausted or sad. Most of the things I share, I share them because I need to set free and download an unhealthy energy contained. Somehow I prototype my life looking mostly my dreamed rest. I don´t think I’m special, it’s just that sometimes I need to release a thought to remain calm. From this perspective it took me a long time to assume, now I´m working on real projects with real people to propose real and progressive solutions within easy reach. Making things simple is now more productive than making things happen. Especially now. At least is my own experience. But many times, when I read articles, I see some colleagues work on innovation or check how the market evolves, I still feel like a preacher. I see many theories but few cards on the table. It is a dangerous game in which many bet but often only one knows the truth. There is no Superstring Theory for Change which can be the answer to all of your problems. But often this is what some professionals are selling.

Now I´m articulating my value proposition for the next school year in teams and organizations. The learning never stops for anyone in innovation 😉 And I´m beginning to feel that I should just let flow the value of the people who are around me and channel that knowledge and experience to transform real situations. That´s all. As the old preacher who played Clint Eastwood in this incredible western movie, I don´t seek justice, but to help others and myself to make things simple. We can be great riders for change and every time we can be better for the world as a pale rider riding his white horse stained by the years…

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