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El actor, activista y músico Floyd “Red Crow” Westerman, conocido en el idioma lakota como Kanghi Duta (1936 – 2007)

We don´t need to be very smart to realize that no one in the history of mankind has outlived itself. So relax. Act according to what you think and live as if yo were alive. You are in a cycle and a protagonist but only for an instant. Take advantage of it every single moment. We are working in the initiative with these primary and basic foundations because we believe that we have often lost even that. The feeling of belonging to the land and to the world around you. We are working to regain that feeling.

A few years ago, just before he died on 2007, the old hopi Red Crow (Kanghi Duta) Floyd Westerman shared his knowledge of the known world with their peers. For me is a clear witness about life on the planet and speak in the line that did chief seattle a century ago. In this speech, he speaks of humility, positioning, strength and wisdom. It´s one of the most innovative speeches I’ve read despite has been repeated like an echo hundreds of years for every wise on earth. I reproduce his words with great respect for native northamerican culture. This is what he said:

“Time evolves and comes to a place where it renews again. There is first a purification time then there is renewal time. We are getting very close to this time now.

We were told we would see America come and go and in a sense America is dying from within, because they forgot the instructions on how to live on earth. Everything is coming to a time where prophecy and man’s inability to live on earth in a spiritual way will come to a crossroad of great problems. It’s the Hopi belief, it’s our belief that if you are not spiritually connected to the earth and understand the spiritual reality of how to live on earth, it’s likely you will not make it.

When Columbus came, that began what we term as the first world war. That was the true world first world war because along with him came everybody from Europe. By the end of the second world war we were in America only 800,000 from 60 million.  So we were almost exterminated here in America.

Everything is spiritual. Everything has a spirit. Everything, Everything was brought here by the creator. The one creator. Some people call him God, some people call him Buddha, some Allah, some people call him other names. We call him Konkachila, grandfather. We are here on earth only a few winters then we go to the spirit world. The spirit world is more real then most of us believe. The spirit world is everything.

Over 95% of our body is water. In order to stay healthy you got to drink good water. When the European first came here, we could drink out of any river. If the Europeans had lived the Indian way when they came, we would still be drinking our water because water is sacred.  Air is sacred. Our DNA is made of the same DNA as the tree. The tree breaths what we exhale. When the tree exhales, we need what the tree exhales. So we have a common destiny with the tree. We are all from the earth. And when the earth, water, the atmosphere is corrupted, then it will create its own reaction. Mother is reacting. In Hopi prophecy they say the storms and floods will become greater. To me it’s not a negative thing to know that there will be great changes. It’s not negative, its evolution. When you look at it as evolution, it’s time. Nothing stays the same.

(Picture of ape.)  We always say that might be your ancestor, but it’s not our ancestor. He is a relative but not a ancestor. You should learn how to plant something. That is the first connection. You should treat all things as spirit, realize that we are one family. It’s never something like the end. Just like life. There is no end to life.”

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