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beatgoliat“Life is just about NOs and Oh yeahs!”

Anna Muni, spanish buspreneur 2012

In a later post I will talk about my adventure in StartupBus Europe, but now I want to share my alternative defense of the Beat Goliath project with the StartupBus community. Beat Goliat was one of the final projects in the competition and I want to Thank all my buspreneurs teammates for everything they learned and what they taught me building this project. If I had to defend or explain Beat Goliat, I will say something like this…:

Sorry jury, sorry Elias, but life on earth is not Silicon Valley. Although Silicon Valley may be a shared reference for many, the reality of the world is extremely more complex than a great ecosystem of entrepreneurship and agile culture. It´s allways more complex than a city, more complex than a citizen or a user. And that’s the reason because San Francisco has one of the highest levels of homeless people in a western city while be the innovation center of our world . Every day I get up in the morning and every night at bedtime, I realize these complexities. Today I´m going to tell you a proposal to improve, help and encourage people to fight against these complexities wherever they live.

When I think what is the most important argument to live, I allways think on my grandfather. Not all the grandfathers of spanish people were bullfighters and not all the grandmothers were flamenco dancers, but of course this was my case at least in half. Why my grandfather went day by day to the bullring to fight against one of the most powrful animals in the earth? This question has been with me all my life and probably today, after this learning experience, I have an answer. He went there, to the sand, because my family was hungry in spanish civil war but Why he went there day by day in one of the most richful periods of spanish history before that? He was playing with his live, you know? Maybe he could choose another employement but he didn´t. I think the answer is a mix of passion and social recognition.

When we leave our confort zone, we can grow up as fast as we want. Because there is no barriers in the land of the personal development. But what about sharing a social development? Many of the heros we have here today have the world PASSION in their foreheads. We are all talking today the same language presentation after presentation. The jury is tired of hearing the same words: geolocation, mobility and crowd. And that´s happen because a reason. It´s not about Barack Obama, Angela Merckel or Mariano Rajoy. Of course is not about the last one 😉 But future and life on earth is about YOU. Concepts like family, respect, commitment, peace or angry birds depend on you. Neither fucking Google nor Microsoft are going to change the world. Don´t expect that in your chairs right now, buddies. They know it because they are playing anothe league, another division. When I studied free software communities I learned one thing: as my grandfather, we need social recognition and support. But first we need to talk in the same level to the brands and corporations. We couldn´t do this till the moment before you entered in this auditorium. But now…

I want to introduce you Beat Goliat, the speaker of the crowds to build a better and a real user-centered brands and services by a new concept: social complain. You are not crazy enough if you think that you can change the world only with a single complain. Do it social, do it with others, beat your own Goliat with others Davids. We are going to empower the user while brands are going to improve their services. We hack the system to make it more human and real. Whith this idea users have a voice and the brands have a real-time connection with user needs through hard feedback. We commerce with this big data and we build strong campaigns to talk with corporations in their level. Because we can use the market to humanize the market. And this is Beat Goliat, a shared dream for all. Thank you so much for your attention and keep on rocking!

That´s all! Dream and share, friends!!. I want to thank Joan, Samantha and Elias for their commitment and contribution to the amazing adventure of StartupBus Europe. I´m a profesional experience designer and I have to recognize that your work was awesome, guys!!

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