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The first Baron Münchhausen riding on a cannon ball

JUNE 22, 2012. Night

Minners, this speaks to you.

There is a part of your heart which is made of poetry and welfare. I feel part of this powerful force and I cannot explain why. You are much of what I am. That´s all.

There is a moment in the life of every person to be reconciled with his time and his two worlds: that he chose to live and that he doesn´t choose to live.

At that moment he reminds all sweet and bitter instants that made him feel alive each morning. I have the certainty that I will remember you for a few seconds laughing, crying and working hard as a team at that moment.

I believe in every summer that melts every winter. And now every one of you is already part of my summers and my winters. Within me and in each section of street or park around me.

I believe in the beauty of an unworthy autumn and also believe in a continuous spring of  stories and learnings. There are huge opportunities to be reborn in each of our steps.

Take each piece of life and emotions that hides in your team, recompose the puzzle of your experiences, build an army of dreams needed to feel alive. And then fight for your breathing to be heard as a proud murmur of fresh air in the middle of a crisis.

I believe in a world where my biggest challenge is to live and die on the edge of life, giving my hand to those in whom I have believed and those who have believed in me. I tend my hand to walk together and learn by doing a more livable world for us and for those who have joined us in this fight.

I’m here. I have always been here. But you did not know it. Now you can see clearly my hand close to your side. Because every time someone meets another one, that person just born again.

We´ve already born as a team, now we begin to learn as a team.

We are not perfect but we are here. We are not  equal but we are here. We are not superheroes individually but we are here.

And just being here makes me draw landscapes of extraordinary projects together.

We are a team. That´s what we are.

When you dream of overcoming all barriers, all you need are the wings of another to take flight. And the wings that lends you another are allways much stronger than yours.

Fix your attention in what anyone else is fixed, and you will know what no one else knows.

All dreams are possible when you believe in this.

Big hug and active love

David Vorpalina, Baron II of Münchhausen

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