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I want to share with you some customized sentences of a great christian article of Tunde Afe in the fleeting and deceased blog Daily motivation for you written more than 3 years ago.:

You need to know every problem has a solution that must be discovered by you. Every problem has an expiry date. No problem is permanent. Every mountain has a peak, and every pain has its height.

Seek help from those who have solved similar problems.

Your gifts and talents are there to solve problems for you. A Jewish proverb says “A man’s gift makes room for him”. That is to say, a man’s gift clears obstacles for him.

Refuse to give up. Until you are valiant in praise, you can’t be valiant in battle.

Dear reader, it is not what happens to you in life that matters. It is what you do with what happens to you that determines your placement in life.

Rise up and do something great with your life. There is need for you to look at yourself in the face and confront yourself. I know you can confront other people, but if you will make progress, you must be able to confront yourself.

What are you going to do starting from today to improve yourself? The change must start from you. Change yourself and every other thing around will start to change. It’s a great day for you.

NOTE: The sentence “Until you are valiant in praise, you can’t be valiant in battle” is usually used by nigerian bishop Oyedepo in his speeches. I translate the sentence like “you have to believe for create” and this is the main claim of one of my clients nowadays 😉

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