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Posted by on Oct 21, 2012 in CREATIVIDAD e INNOVACIÓN

I occupied much of my time researching new models or alternative social intelligence and networks. Surely many of you already know The Venus Project. If not, I invite you to see the work Jacque Fresco has made over 75 years. This is an alternative to what we all know as a society and what we all mean by city. It is based on the common good, the economy of abundance and the good management of existing resources: knowledge, talent, nature, technology. Besides knowing the project through his documentary Paradise or Oblivion, I encourage you to see one of his greatest speeches in Stockholm (2010). Really inspiring to build a better world for our descendants. Only one quote to know what He is talking about: “Why do we say `Have a nice weekend´and not `Have a nice life´?” 😉

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  1. enhorabuena por sobrepasar las 50.000 visitas y cada día estoy viendo que aumenta más deprisa, es sintoma de que nos interesa lo que escribe. Animo.

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